ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENT – EUROPEAN STANDARDIZATION PERSPECTIVE Energy and environmental policies are interlinked with energy production and environmental impact. Standardization plays an important role in efforts to protect the environment and promote sustainable development. This is because standards directly relate to the design of products and processes. The standards define acceptable levels of energy use, waste management procedures and other measures to protect the environment. The developments of standards, technical committees (TC) are needed to ensure that the impact of products, services and processes on the environment are taken into account at every stage of its lifecycle. The key objective of the „CEN approach to the environmental aspects of products and services to standards” is to implement a framework to promote and ensure better inclusion of these issues in European standards. EU environmental legislation and agenda of the European Commission (EC) on resource efficiency are directed to ensure that EU policies take full advantage of all the potential to reduce the risks and impact of energy consumption. This will bring direct and indirect improvements on health and the environment, reduce imports and will enable the EU to better compete internationally in a world of limited resources.

Keywords: energy, limited resources, environmental policy, standardization, environmental law EU agenda European Commission (EC)

Cuvinte cheie: energia, resurse limitate, politici de mediu, standardizarea, legislația de mediu a UE, agenda Comisiei Europene (CE)

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