The mill for the production of small balls, of hard and semi hard material contains as a main part a ring covered with the abrasive material (glued) on the abrasion surface. The ring has the vertical axis. The abrasive surface is made by gluing with glue that softens by heating. The moving of spherical material is made with compressed air, rotating in the grinding space, motion imprinted on the diffuser air. Compressed air comes through the center of the mill through a circuit with minimal aerodynamic resistances. Air pressure: 1 – 2 bar. Ball size: 1 mm. The grinding space has a 7 (horizontal) x 6 (vertical) mm section with an (average) length of 162 mm. The used raw material has cubic shape with a 30 % greater edge than the ball diameter.
Keywords: small spheres, technology, hard and half hard materials
Cuvinte cheie: sfere mici, tehnologie, materiale dure și semidure

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