28-5 Nicolae FÂNTÂNARU, Dan HODOR

NETCONF (the Network Configuration Protocol) is an emerging technology for the network management, which was conceived to respond to the challenges of the next generation networks. NETCONF is still with a limited deployment, but it is a Network management protocol with a promising capabilities. It can keep pace with Network management requirements and especially configuration management of network devices. In this article we highlight the NETCONF protocol, as a real replacement of the traditional network management protocols such as SNMP (Simple network management protocol). This paper presents an analysis of the NETCONF protocol session with practical examples, the NETCONF layered structure. In particular we analysed NETCONF protocol operations in details.
Keywords: NETCONF session, NETCONF operations, data stores, configuration management
Cuvinte cheie: sesiune NETCONF, operațiunile NETCONF, magazin de date, managementul configurației

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