The bridge is a construction of category artworks, intended to
overcome an obstacle (the River, a Valley inland communications) moving
above them, being built over the immense valleys, across streams or linking the
Mainland and the island. Bridges, is an obsession of the writer Ivo Andrić; his
work, „it’s a bridge on the Drina” recounts the history of the Şokolovici bridge
traditional Mehmed Pasha, from Visegrad, Bosnia.
A bridge with a length of 1,380 m (30 m longer than the famous
Golden Gate in San Francisco), was inaugurated on august 19, 2013 in
Norway. Work on the bridge began in august 2009 and were completed in April
Galata bridge is a historic symbol of Istanbul today. He is one of the
great hearts, a vital link between the capital of old, old Constantinople and the
„new tow\” in Turkish, meaning city of merchants, banks and foreign diplomats.
The two distinct parts, the european Bank of the former Byzantine and Ottoman
capitals are the waters of mirificului Bay. The paper presents constructive who
built from 1453 to the present.
In 1502, Leonardo da Vinci’s drawing of a bridge has done „in one
piece”, 240 m, as part of a civil engineering project for Sultan Bayezid II Bridge
ought to be placed at the „mouth” of the Bosphorus, over a canal known as the
Golden Horn (Golden Horn). But no continued project B because he considered
such a construction impossible. The modern history of this unique bridge began
in 1996, when Norwegian artist Vebjorn Sand has seen the drawing shown in
the exhibition and acknowledged the „grația and the eloquence of Mathematics”
and proposed structure of the Norwegian public roads Administration to carry
out the construction. Leonardo’s bridge, built in Oslo in 2001, is a pedestrian
bridge and is the first civil engineering made after drawings by Leonardo da
In the past two decades, with the help of an intensive research
activities, they built bridges on roads, pedestrian or bicycle paths. Wood is a
very good building material, has good aesthetic appearance. The largest wood
bridge is the bridge in Vihantasalmi in Finland. The bridge has the largest span
is built from lakes Lahnavesi and Juolavesi and replaced by a construction
bridge. Was given in 1999.
Keywords: bridges, bridge on the Drina, Ivo Andric, Galata bridge,
bridge of Leonardo, the bridge Vihantasalmi, Finland, used materials: wood,
concrete and steel
Cuvinte cheie: poduri, E un pod pe Drina, Ivo Andrić, Podul Galata,
Podul Leonardo, podul Vihantasalmi din Finlanda, materiale folosite: lemn,
beton şi oţel
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