Constantin-Cristian STROE


The paper analyses the wave energy capture and conversion with
hydro pneumatic equipments.
Main stages and activities of the project, results
a) A relevant study has been accomplished which analyzed the
hydro-meteorological conditions in the western Black Sea. Also it has been
made a documented presentation of the types of hydro plants suitable for
efficient conversion of wave energy in this area.
b) An experimental model of small-scale power plant driven by
waves has been designed and executed. Also, it has been performed
experiments on this model and on a specialized channel for wave simulation.
Hydropneumatic and energetic characteristics has been obtained and similarity
criteria for reporting results scale and choosing the best construction were
c) Building plans for a full scale hydro power plant were developed.
The generator which converts the wave energy into electrical energy was also
designed and made.
d) Experiments were conducted on a stand in a wind tunnel to test
the electrical generator, which required the devise and development of specific
support and aligning elements. The turbine was gradually loaded by connecting
to the shaft an electrical generator having a variable resistive load at output.
e) Determinations were performed in air velocity range of 5-20 m/s,
and characteristics of mechanical power have been extrapolated by specific
similarity criteria up to 50 m/s. It was concluded that the conversion unit is
compatible with a maximum power of 3.6 kW at an air velocity of 50 m/s
f) It has been developed technical documentation for construction
and assembly of micro hydro power plant.
g) There were carried out analytical calculations and computer
simulations to demonstrate the functionality of the model to illustrate the
phenomenology of the flow in the oscillating column, the dynamic behavior of
the turbine, and the correlation with experimental results.
Cuvinte cheie: microelectrocentrale, resurse regenerabile, conversia
energiei, valuri
Keywords: micro power plant, renewable resources, energy
conversion, wave