Noise pollution is a danger that threatens population and environment
along with other factors such as: gas emissions in the atmosphere, the
discharge of waste water with dangerous substances content on soil and water,
storage of waste on the ground.
It is found that both sounds, how much and infra-sounds and ultra –
sounds have adverse effects on humans. The most important source of noise in
the larger cities is road traffic generated by the friction of the wheels on the
asphalt and packaging the engines.
To reduce the noise level of the individual measures are taken which
are the personal discipline, and technical measures covered by the obscuration
of the source of noise, protected housing, which is situated the antiphon rooms
noisy plants, screens phonoabsorbant for highways.
Keywords: noise, electromagnetic radiation, mechanical waves, noise,
noise monitoring, environmental noise, noise management
Cuvinte cheie: poluare sonoră, radiaţii electromagnetice, unde
mecanice, zgomot, monitorizarea poluării sonore, zgomotul în mediu,
managementul zgomotului