21-23 METROUL Partea I

Most large towns and cities in the world, trying to solve urban transport
as efficiently as low pollution.
Travel by Metro provides commercial speed of 30-45 km/h, with traffic
up to 90 s duration between two trains, a maximum transport 10,000
passengers per train (of 6 cars) and distances between stations of 600-1000 m.
In recent years, have built automated metro systems without conductor/driver,
which are directly controlled from a control centred. It is estimated that one
kilometre of underground line costs 30 million Euros.
It presents some generalities on the metro, public transport it, looking
at the short subways in London, Budapest, Paris, Madrid and Bucharest.
Cuvinte cheie: transport urban, metrou greu, metrou ușor, sisteme
automate de conducere, diferite linii de metrou în Londra, Budapesta, Paris și
Keywords: transportation, subway hard, light rail, automated
management, different subway lines in London, Budapest, Paris and Bucharest